What’s the Point of Chamber Membership?

A Chamber of Commerce is a unique thing. Many people think we are a city, probably tax funded, entity. Not true. Many people think we are a marketing agency. Not true, although we do provide marketing services. Many people think we are Downtown event planners. Not in our job descriptions, although we do believe our... Continue Reading →

Work On Your Business, When You Can't Work In Your Business.

Strategies to Help Your Business in the Wake of Social Distancing The country recommended people stay in their homes; airlines are grounding flights; the state has implemented shutdowns on schools and entire industries.  Your customers are being told to only leave for necessities; your employees are working from home, and you’re looking around an expanse... Continue Reading →

Your Dad Wants You to Shop Local!

Looking for some fun, and fresh ideas about what to get your Dad on Father's Day? You are in luck because the Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce is here to help! Father's day is right around the corner, so we have prepared a list of local businesses that might peak your father's interest! The... Continue Reading →

Your Mom Wants You To Shop Local!

Follow this easy "how to guide" and shop local this mother's day! So, it's the week before Mother's Day (that sure did sneak up on us) & you aren't quite sure what to get for the special women in your life. You could order a gift from an online store that a million other last... Continue Reading →

Ellwood City: It’s A Movement

Let's talk about the movement that has been happening in the 16117 over the last few years. Young entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking us out, but why? What makes Ellwood City a desirable place to launch a new business? Or to start a family? What draws thousands of people to Lawrence Avenue to celebrate... Continue Reading →

Weisz Collaborative

It all started with a crazy idea Don’t all the best ideas start out sounding a little bit crazy? When we made the decision to move out of our business (The Sweet Shop) and create a new one, I admit, it sounded a bit insane to say out loud. We had just spent the last... Continue Reading →

The Dynamic Duo

So, you stumbled upon our blog. Or maybe you are a super fan. Perhaps you are just curious about what we have to say. No matter the reason that brought you to our humble blog, we are excited to have you and hopefully we don't scare you away! Anyway, you might be wondering who this... Continue Reading →

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